“In fourth grade, my art teacher taught us that as Matisse was losing his sight and could no longer paint he started cutting shapes out of paper and made collages. I made a scene out of Sleeping Beauty with abstract shapes in yellow, red, black, and white and it was the first thing I made that I really loved. I showed my mom when I got home and she took particular issue with my color palette, lamenting that I didn’t use pastels.”

Christina Villamor is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work is heavily influenced by the culture of her hometown of Miami. Quinceańeras, Santeria, the Afro Cuban diaspora, and impending climatic disaster are all sources of inspiration, along with 90s alt-rock music videos, 30s Weimar Republic culture, 70s and 80s science books, Sassy Magazine, Patrick Nagel, and DJ Clue remixes.

A graduate of the University of Miami, Christina’s works include seven plexiglass houses with neon doors in a rainbow palette inspired by a hand-me-down Barbie Dream House destroyed by Hurricane Andrew, a Scarface jewelry display featuring crushed white velvet and a gold-plated necklace that spells out The World Is Yours in cursive, and a black plexiglass and white neon diorama of a crescent moon over a beach.

She died on the Oregon Trail of typhoid fever, many times, in 1848


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